Reusable produce bags, 2 pack



Includes two cotton muslin bags with cotton drawstrings, one large (measures 35cm x 28.5cm), perfect for your day to day shopping needs, and one small (measures 24.5cm x 19cm). This size is ideal for use when buying a small amount of something, such as a couple of cucumbers, kiwis, or lemons, or when buying smaller foods such as cherries, snap peas, green beans, brocollini, asparagus, limes, garlic, spring onions, or loose bulk foods like nuts.

Lightweight and semi-transparent for ease at check-out, durable enough to withstand repeated use, washable and breathable, extending the life of produce beyond that of plastic when used to store fruit and veg in the fridge. As bags are handmade, there may be slight variation in size and colour.

Please contact me to arrange a custom order if you would like to purchase more than 4 two packs of bags.

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